Includes regular trademark clearance & registration package plus filing of Notice of Use Statement (this is required if you are not yet using your mark in commerce at the time of the application).


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Flat Fee Trademark including USPTO filing fee

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includes USPTO filing fee*

Comprehensive Clearance Search

Analysis of Your Trademark Clearance by Experienced Trademark Attorney

Access to Attorney to Answer Your Questions

Trademark Search Analysis & Consultation

Your trademark attorney analyzes your search results to determine if there are any impediments to registration of the mark. If any exist, the attorney will advise you on options as well as perform the search & clearance on your alternate mark. The attorney will never proceed to file the application without consulting you first if there appears to be any impediments to registration.*

Preparation and Filing of Application to Register

Status Updates through Registration Process

Response to request for a disclaimer from the USPTO attorney

Response to request to amend description of goods & services from USPTO attorney

Response to request to amend specimen of use from USPTO attorney

Additional Trademark Search If the trademark attorney discovers any direct conflicts, another search on a new or different mark is included. 

Includes: clearance search for preferred mark and one alternative mark, attorney advice on results of clearance search if any issues are discovered, a clearance search of one alternative mark if the original mark is likely to be rejected, filing of an application for federal trademark registration with the USPTO as well as follow up with specimen of use for intent to use applications.

*Does not include follow up services, such as if the USPTO sends an "office action" initially rejecting the mark. Those issues vary widely and will be handled on a per hour or project basis. Speak to your attorney.

*If first 2 marks are likely to be rejected, additional clearances will be done for $100 for 2 more alternatives.