Hi, I'm Laura

Trademarks are my passion and my area of expertise.

Trademark registrations can appear simple but every detail has law behind it and I’ve seen good attorneys who were not Trademark specialists botch registrations because they didn’t know what they didn’t know.

I've supported entrepreneurs and small businesses with their business goals from the beginning. As a Silicon Valley veteran, my specialty is in trademarks and understanding the pitfalls of not properly registering and protecting them. I believe in my clients and serve as a crucial asset as they build their business dreams.

Why Get a Trademark?


It's an investment

Trademarks are the cornerstone of your branding efforts and are crucial to protect. The last thing you want to have to do is change your name after you've already invested time and money in one. You don't need the headache of all those lost resources- you need to protect your brand now!

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We offer trademark clearance and registration by an experienced Trademark attorney for a transparent flat fee of $549, plus the US Patent & Trademark Office filing fee of $225 for registration in one class. 

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What's At Stake?


Do you want to be protected when you grow?

When you use a name or logo as a trademark without registering it, you do gain some level of protection from consistent use over time. This protection is called “common law” trademark protection. So if you already get some protection, why register? Well common law trademark protection is geographically limited. It only grants you protection where you’ve been using the mark. So, if you launch your business and you’re only really selling your products or services in the San Francisco Bay Area to start but plan to expand beyond that, you will not be protected outside of the Bay Area. Anyone could start using your mark in, say the Los Angeles area, or New York, or anywhere else in the country and you would have no rights to stop them. You would not be able to expand under that trademark into those areas. However, when you register your mark, the U.S. Trademark Office gives you immediate federal protection throughout the entire United States regardless of where you’re currently operating.

Are you sure that your logo is unique?

Another problem with not registering your mark is that generally means you also didn’t clear your use of the mark. When you have a mark cleared for use, a search is done of existing marks to make sure you’re not infringing on someone else’s mark. Nowadays people think that a simple online search will reveal all they need to know, but there are many registered trademarks that wouldn’t show up in a search engine. There are a number of reasons for this but you do not want to find out when you receive a cease and desist letter from an attorney for your unwitting trademark infringement.


Get peace of mind that you're protected!

If you find out that you have been using a mark that was registered by someone else in a similar industry, you have very little leverage to do anything but change your mark. The law doesn’t care that you didn’t know you were infringing because you’re responsible for making sure that you only use marks that are free to be used. Best case scenario here is usually that you’ll have to change your name and rebrand your company. Once you’ve invested money in domains, websites, business cards, marketing collateral, and most of all the customers that know you by a certain name, it is easily 10-100 times more expensive than the cost of clearing and protecting your mark in the first place. It’s also a huge headache that requires money spent on legal fees and time away from focusing on your business.


1. Creative problem solving

2. We don't over-lawyer. We strive to provide efficient legal solutions.

3. Knowledge of the upcoming technologies and and in-depth understanding of our client's products


What Our Clients Say


"I got to know about Venture Gained upon referral from my friend who was already using them, three years ago.  Since then, I have used their services regularly.  I run a personally funded food startup.  So for me, the value of every dollar counts significantly.  I am so happy that I found Venture Gained, an organization that does not take its clients' time and money lightly.  I have worked closely with Laura from Venture Gained.  She has helped all the way from the initial set up steps, to trademarking, confidentiality, hiring and several other legal issues.  I can't sing enough praise of Laura and her handling of my requests.  She is thorough, extremely professional, prompt and super productive.  She understands what it is like to run a start up.  She demonstrates her sensitivity and super responsibility towards the dollars I spend with them.  As a result, she strives to get the most out of every minute she spends.  Seriously, I am so satisfied, and a very happy customer.  I hope to continue partnering with Venture Gained as we now enter the full launch mode of my company."


Founder, Oorja Nutrition

“I feel so lucky to have found Venture Gained Legal at the early stage of building my company. I feel confident knowing I can ask them to weigh in on anything, big or small.  They have treated me with a great degree of respect and professionalism, and have always given me sound legal advice always considering the big picture and have helped me make decisions that are good for all parties involved.  I have felt confident referring Venture Gained to my colleagues and friends, which is saying a lot.”

Jeannie J.

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"My trademark is complete! And it's already paying off! If anyone needs a top-notch legal team to move your idea from vision to "defensible in court" reality, get with VGL. Also, protect your IP people!"

Ayori S.

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Why Waiting to Trademark Your Brand is a Mistake

I can’t count the number of times I’ve had clients come to me to register a trademark that they’ve been using for a year or two but just hadn’t gotten around to protecting- only to find out that someone else had recently registered a confusingly similar mark. While in some cases if your use was geographically widespread enough and you have evidence you started using it before the other trademark owner, it will cost at least $10,000 and usually more to prove that to the Trademark office. I’ve had many clients that had to change their names after investing in them for a significant amount of time because they delayed the clearance and registration process.

Benefits of a Trademark

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind

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Keeps others from using confusing similar marks

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Intellectual property assets you can leverage

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A brand that grows with you

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The right to file a lawsuit against infringements

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Gives you nationwide rights

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Empowers U.S. Customs and Border Protection to block imports that are infringing or counterfeit

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We offer trademark clearance and registration by an experienced Trademark attorney for a transparent flat fee of $549, plus the US Patent & Trademark Office filing fee of $225 for registration in one class.