Texas Bitcoin Conference March 2014

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SHETalks Forum at SF Fashion Tech Week March 2014

Women 2.0 San Francisco Conference, February 2014

Venture Gained Legal LLP is excited to offer our ‘Startup Incorporation and IP’ package as one of the prizes for Women 2.0’s Pitch competition! This prize includes incorporation of the winner's startup, drafting of a privacy policy, drafting of the winner’s terms of use, and an Intellectual Property audit. All of these are essentials for a startup that is seeking funding and growth. Venture Gained is excited to be able to support Women 2.0’s mission by starting the winner off on the right path with the 'Startup Incorporation and IP' package.

Women 2.0 is a premier media and education company dedicated to increasing the number of female technology founders.  If you have never come to a Women 2.0 Conference you are in for a treat. This year’s conference has incredible Founders and CxOs speaking from SpaceX, Coursera, Eventbrite, Square and more. MEN + WOMEN welcome http://sfconf14.women2.com

This conference is perfect for the entire tech ecosystem - working in tech, investing in tech or starting something in tech.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the conference.  Come find us at the conference and we will have a special gift for you!

The Legal Zone: FTC Rules, Updates, Trademarks & Copyright 

iFabbo Fashion Bloggers Conference, October 2013

“Intellectual Property for Startups”

Stanford University Technology Ventures Program, July 2013


The Fight Against SOPA/PIPA and the Rise of the 'Bitroots Movement'
at Tech Policy Summit

The protests against the House's Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Senate's Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA) earlier this year have been referred to as a "Nerd Spring" that spurred everyday Netizens into action. While not everyone agrees with that assessment, or the protests themselves, it was a watershed moment for tech policy. So what can we learn from the protests that can improve the policy process going forward? How has it changed the way techies engage in tech policy?

  • Michelle Quinn, Technology Correspondent, Politico PRO
  • Larry Downes, Author, The Laws of Disruption 
  • Jonathan Nelson, Founder, Hackers and Founders 
  • Nnena Ukuku, Co-founder and CEO, Black Founders Startup Ventures

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